About Us

We Are Okanagan Fire Protection Services

Okanagan Fire Protection was founded in 1992 by Bill Feist, president and owner of the company.

Okanagan Fire Protection has a group of long term qualified employees who are dedicated to the company and go above and beyond to complete jobs thoroughly and meet requirements.

Our company is a proud employer of apprentices, in which case the majority of our current employees have received their journeyman qualifications through our company alone.

Our employees are reliable, experienced, intelligent individuals and work great as a team.

Why Choose Okanagan Fire Protection?

Over 30 years experience installing fire sprinkler systems in the Okanagan region.

We have experience working for major government offices, airports, hotels, shopping malls, luxury homes, hospitals, large department stores and more.

We provide the highest quality service and satisfaction on every project we do for quality results at a fair price.